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        Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers (SSTP) was established in 1956 with a mission to provide professional information solutions in science, technology and medicine, etc. SSTP devoted itself to education publishing, too. In general education, it offers teachers and students multidisciplinary and multilevel textbooks and teaching books; in professional education, it also publishes various kinds of books and materials for the audience to learn and enhance their skills. Meanwhile, SSTP publishes titles in trade books, which helps lots of readers to expand their knowledge, improve their life quality. The number of annual titles published by SSTP is about 1000, half of which are new.
     SSTP holds 6 magazines, Science, Science Pictorial, Popular Medicine, Shanghai Style, Car & Fan, and Disaster Prevention and Safety.
     SSTP is an active participator in international communication, co-publishing and copyright trade, and keeps good relationship with publishers from USA, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan regions.

聯系方式 :
國際部    毛老師                                                                              International Department
rights@sstp.cnmaoqe@sstp.cn                                E-mail:rights@sstp.cn ,  maoqe@sstp.cn
電話:86-21-64848287, 86-21-64848289                                     Tel: 86-21-64848287, 86-21-64848289
傳真:86-21-64845082                                                                  Fax: 86-21-64845082


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